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4.5" Red Shad Mega Bug

4.5" Red Shad Mega Bug

4.5" Red Shad Mega Bug
Red Shad Soft Plastic Mega Bug

Now for one of the most Innovative creations from MegaStrike Fishing. The 41/2 inch “MEGABUG”. Unlike most of the other “beaver style” baits on the market, the MegaBug is spewing with action. The claws are flapping the two sets of legs are swimming; it looks like this little bug is scurrying for its life. The body is ribbed and the legs and claws displace plenty of water. The MegaBug is not only a great visual bait but the vibrations are easily detected by the fish’s lateral lines. It is a great bait for flipping heavy mats of grass, fishing rocks or heavy cover. This is a big fish bait that just screams “EAT ME”

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  • Author: Jeff from Arkansas
    These Megabugs are a great plastic to use on a Biffle Head. Drag them through rocks and hang on because the big bass love them!
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